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Designer of the week - 07/04/2014

Bratislav Milenkovic   |

Graduated at University of Arts, Faculty of Applied Arts, Illustration Department, Belgrade. MBA, Faculty of Dramatic Arts - Advertising and media, IAA (International Advertising Association) accredited diploma. Freelance illustrator since 2007, currently living and working in Begrade, Serbia.

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Herschel Font by Decade Type Foundry.

Herschel is a unique hand drawn serif, Inspired by the natural imperfections that occur in traditional sign writing, Herschel introduces an element of the human touch with this mildly wobbly yet elegant font. You can use Herschel in any setting; children’s books, beer labels, organic food packages, menus…the sky is your limit !

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Marianna Uutinen (2011-13)

1. Uncut, 2. War-holes, 3. Crack, 4. Zero, 5. Do, 6. The Wise Man’s Colors, 7. Neon

(Source: likeafieldmouse)